Ep 10 Skinwalker Ranch Part 2

June 04, 2021 Jamie & Tim Episode 10
Ep 10 Skinwalker Ranch Part 2
Show Notes

Check out the continuation of the story of the happenings at Skinwalker Ranch.  In Part 1, we stopped just before Terry Sherman introduced his prize cows (Bovines) to the ranch. In Part 2, we start at the introduction of the cattle and continue through to modern day.  We discuss flying RV's, malevolent orbs and strange 7ft tall creatures dressed like Robocop or the guys on the 1977 show CHiPS.  You'll have to forgive the sounds of home life as we had to record this at Tim's house late at night with his infant daughter and dogs roaming around.

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Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah
Hunt for the Skinwalker documentary on Hulu
Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch on History

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