Replay of the Sykesville Monster

July 01, 2022 Jamie Jackson
Replay of the Sykesville Monster
Show Notes

Because vacationing with kids and dogs and husbands is anything but quiet, Jamie is replaying The Sykesville Monster episode this week.  Enjoy and have a safe, healthy and happy 4th of July weekend!

In this episode, Jamie talks about a creature seen in a rural area of Maryland along the Patapsco River.  Not only was a creature sighted, but there were also allegedly large human like bones found near the area of one of the sightings.  Take a listen and decide is it Bigfoot? A Neanderthal? A deformed bear? Or an escaped mental hospital patient?

Interesting note- the sound effect used when the ticking sound is mentioned is an actual recording of a male silverback gorilla thumping his chest.

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